Garbage Disposal

size We never think much about the size of tools. If we like their look and features, we make a decision. However, a big size of the garbage disposal may take a lot room and you won’t have space for keeping cleaning accessories. The bigger the size of the appliance, the better its power.

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But nowadays, modern manufacturers create quite powerful garbage disposal models with the ability to save space. Check the size of the disposal and measure the space under your sink. Maybe, the model of the appliance you like won’t fit under the sink. Type of Waste One of the complaints garbage disposals’ users often express is that they can’t throw the waste they want.

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Think what type of food you usually have (plus occasionally) and pick the garbage disposal by its type of waste. The best solution is to get the model that can grind fruit and vegetable peels, meat and fish bones. After picking the model, read the information about how many grinding stages the disposal provides. If you live with a family and mostly cook than go out for meals, choose the disposal that deals with all types of food waste.